Civil Calculation PRO 1.05 Mod

Civil Calculation PRO 1.05 Mod

Civil Calculation PRO is the most famous version in the Civil Calculation PRO series of publisher Calculation World
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Calculation World
Android 4.2 and up
Android Android 4.2 and up Paid
July 20, 2021
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Civil calculation App is an android Application for construction calculation. In this application, we used a simple tool to simplify the calculation for construction industry. Civil calculation app is a calculating platform for all the civil Engineers and construction workers.

This calculator is useful for civil Engineers, site supervisor , civil engineer students , construction project manager , mechanical engineers , construction store manager, fresh engineers, construction contractor , building contractor , store keeper ,site excitation engineer ,(QS) quantity engineers and many more.

Civil calculation app is a simple tool to calculate quantity of concrete , cement, sand, aggregate, number of bricks, concrete blocks, slab concrete, volume calculation, floor tiles, RCC concrete, RCC simple slab, RCC one-way slab, RCC two-way slab, RCC column, RCC beam, RCC round column, all shape area, Steel weight, pant, asphalt etc…

The Pro Version doesn't have any ads. Need only one time subscription.

Civil calculation App features:

Quantity calculator includes:
– Concrete Calculator
– Slab Concrete Calculator
– Square Column Calculator
– Dam Body Concrete Calculator
– Retaining Walls Concrete Calculator
– Bricks Calculator
– Arch Wall Bricks Calculator
– Concrete Blocks Calculator
– Plaster Quantity Calculator
– Filling Quantity Calculator
– Excavation and Backfilling Quantity Calculator
– Paint Quantity Calculator
– Slope Filling Quantity Calculator
– Asphalt Quantity Calculator
– Tiles Quantity Calculator
– Terrazzo Quantity Calculator
– Floor Bricks Quantity Calculator
– Anti Termite Quantity Calculator
– Water Tank Calculator (Circular and Rectangle)
– Concrete Test Calculator
– Form Work Calculator
– Depth Of Foundation Calculator

RCC Calculator include:
– Simple Slab Calculation
– One-way Slab Calculation
– Tow Way Slab Calculation
– Four Bar Column Calculation
– Six Bar Column Calculation
– Round Column Calculation
– Four Bar Beam Calculation
– Six Bar Beam Calculation

Volume Calculator include:
– Cylinder Volume
– Rectangle Volume
– Triangle Dumper Volume
– Trapezoidal Volume
– Cone Volume
– Frustum Cone Volume
– Parabolic Cone Volume
– Cube Volume
– Half Square Volume
– Prism Volume

Area Calculator include:
– Circle Area
– Rectangle Area
– Triangle Area
– Square Area
– Trapezoid Area
– Ellipse Area

Conversion Calculator include:
– Length Conversion
– Area Conversion
– Volume Conversion
– Weight Conversion
– Pressure Conversion
– Angle Conversion
– Power Conversion
– Force Conversion
– Work Conversion
– Temperature Conversion
– Speed Conversion
– Time Conversion
– Fuel Conversion
– Voltage Conversion
– Data Conversion.

Metal Weight Calculator Include:
You can use this app for all known metal forms or Standards: Round Bar, Channel Bar, Beam bar, T bar, Square, Tubing bar, Round pipe bar, Reinforcement Steel, Square bar, Sheet Bar, Angle bar and Flat Bar.

We appreciate all the feedback from your side. Your suggestions and advice will help us to improve our app. If you have any suggestion about the application then feel free to contact us by email [email protected]

Metal All Shape Weight Calculator
Super Elevation Calculation
Soil Mechanics Calculation
Helix bar Cut Length Calculation
Fix Minor bugs

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